School Introduction

Liupanshui Kindergarten educations College is a full-time public college approved by the Guizhou Provincial People's Government in January 2018 and approved by the Ministry of Education in May 2018.It mainly provides full-time general specialized education, and also provides secondary vocational education.

The school is located in the education city of Shuangshui, Liupanshui, the capital of Liangdu, China. It covers an area of 934.17 mu,with a construction area of 240,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.17 billion yuan. The school is surrounded by green hills, trees, flowers, intelligent, digital elements and the depth of natural integration.There are 300 educations in the school, 40 in graduate degree or above, and 49 in senior secondary titles. At the beginning of the establishment of the school, the size of the students was controlled at about 3000.With the development of the school, the scale of running the school was gradually expanded to 6000 according to the needs of the regional economic and social development.

On the basis of excellence in preschool normal education, the school, together with Beijing Normal University and Nanjing Normal University, has done a good job in modern educational technology, art education, music performance, dance performance and other specialties to cultivate deep humanistic feelings, rigorous scientificattitude, innovative spirit of development and solid education and teaching. The high quality applied talents with practical ability will serve basic education and economic and social development.